The Heritage Foodless Feast 

As one who appreciates history, we know that you are aware of how much work is required to maintain two museums. We have tightened our belts this year, but the Heritage Museum Park needs your help! We are hosting a foodless “feast” to raise funds for the Ethnic Heritage Museum and the Graham Ginestra House Museum.
What is a foodless feast?  It is a fundraising opportunity that you can enjoy in the comfort of your own home. Food will not be served, and no social obligations are attached. You don't even have to leave your house! What might you find on the menu of a Heritage Foodless Feast?
               "Campari" - an Italian Aperitivo                                         "Ceviche" - a Peruvian seafood appetizer
               "Barščiai" - a Lithuanian beet soup                                    "Zaalouk" - a Moroccan salad
               "Mairteoil Arbhair" or Irish Corned Beef                           "Kremówka Papieska" - a Polish cream cake
                                                            Graham Bros. inspired "Whiskey Old Fashioned"
All representations of authentic foods and dishes of the Heritage Museum Park Galleries.
Check out the ethnic "menu" below and fill out your order for the Heritage Foodless Feast! Detach the lower portion, and mail in your donation to the museum. You can even follow us on Facebook for recipes and other ethnic dishes through May!
Through the generosity of our community, we can continue to provide you with affordable tours, community events, and a treasure trove of cultural Rockford history. Thank you for your help— we couldn’t do it without you!
If you would like to make a monetary donation to us, please fill out the following information and select the continue button below.
We really appreciate your support and thank you for your contribution!
              Italian Aperitivo: $10
              Hispanic Appetizer: $10
              Lithuanian Soup: $10
              African Side Dish: $10
              Irish Entrée: $10
              Polish Dessert: $10
              Graham Bros. Cocktail: $10

Select your Foodless 'Dinner' Option:
Àl a Carte: $      other                              
Full Meal for 1:   $70     
Dinner for 2:     $120     
Table of 6:       $300