Lithuanian Gallery


A traditional craft in Lithuania is to make decorations out of straw ornaments.For special occasions such as weddings, farmers in Lithuania would make ornaments using thread and wheat or rye straw. The ornaments would be in varying sizes and shape. In the 1930's the wife of the Lithuanian Consol General was asked to provide decorations to the Chicago Museum of Science and Industry Christmas Tree. The sisters of  St. Casimir knew the old ways and worked with her to make white straw ornaments in various traditional designs: stars, snowflakes, bird cages, lanterns, and angels.

Today white straw ornaments are made using plastic straws for the Lithuanian tree in America.
Visitors to this gallery can view an extensve collection of ornaments made by board member emeritus Anna Keraminas.
The museum offers workshops in Lithuanian Straw Ornament Making.

Another gifted donation from Anna Keraminas is the Bee's Wax Nativity Scene. Anna and her husband created these artistic pieces and gifted them to this gallery. See pictured pieces on this page.