Linksmu Kaledu (Merry Christmas)
Lithuanian Gallery of the Ethnic Heritage Museum

A traditional craft in Lithuania is to make decorations out of straw. When the farmers held festive events, they would decorate with ornaments made using thread and wheat and rye straw. In the 1930's the Museum of Science and Industry of Chicago asked the Consul General of Lithuania's wife to provide decorations for their tree. The Sisters of St. Casimir worked with her to make straw ornaments in varying sizes and designs with white paper drinking straws to replace the natural field straw. Today a Lithuania American Christmas tree is decorated using plastic straws. The museum has a collection of these straws made by Anna Keraminas.

This beautiful nativity set, pictured here, is on loan from Anna Keraminas. She made the many nativity figures out of beeswax from her own beehives.