Lithuanian Gallery Beeswax Nativity Art

Tree Straw Ornaments, a Lithuanian folk art, started with a request for a Lithuanian tree from the Chicago Museum of Science and Industry to Josephine Dauzvardis, the wife of Petras, former Consul of Luthuania in Chicago (1937-1961). 

Josephine designed the tree using straw hand made ornaments for the International Christmas Tree Exhibition. With the help of Sisters of St. Casimir, Josephine came up with using straw ornaments instead of wheat or rye used as house decorations in Lithuania. The ornaments have a variety of designs like snowflakes, stars and chains.

Visitors to this gallery of the museum can see similar straw ornaments. Our beloved former board member Anna Keraminas still makes straw ornaments for the Ethnic Heritage Museum gift shop. The museum offers workshops in straw ornament making.

Another gallery case display to see is the Beeswax Nativity made by Anna and her husband. The bees wax was taken from bee hives in their backyard. It took several years for them to collect the wax from the hives and assemble for all to see.

Other folk art on display are Anna's Lithuanian Dolls and her husband's hand made wooden Wayside Shrine.Visitors to Lithuania can see the shrines along the road in various villages.