Lithuanian Gallery


The Lithuanian Gallery displays Lithuanian Cultural History in unique spaces.

There are many musical instruments which play Folk music in Lithuanian Culture:
This photo shows the Accordion and Concertina played with buttons instead of keyboard.
A unique Ethnic instrument is also the pictured Kokle- type of Zither (or psaltery). 

The gallery displays Baltic Amber in various art forms.
See natural amber jewelry, beads, and paintings unique to Lithuania.
"Amber is the symbol of the Lithuanian country and soul of the people."
Baltic amber was discovered in 1854 in Juodkrante and found washed up in this coastal village.
Baltic Amber Road is a tourist attraction along the Baltic coast. There visitors can discover the history of amber, see amber products and visit with local artists.

Lithuanian Traditional Folk Dolls from old town Vilnius are displayed.
The dolls come in many sizes and regional dress.
The ladies' dress consists of vests and sashes matching the pattern embroidered in the aprons.
The embroidery is usually geometric design and covers long plaid skirts.
Hats are trimmed with ribbon. 
Men are understated in dress with woven sashes covering their white shirt.Other attire includes pants and boots.

Visitors to this gallery will need to linger as there is a lot to see.