Sashes are worn by both men and women as part of Lithuanian Folk Art Costumes.
Women wear the sashes usually 3-4 inches wide circling their wasts and around their head.
Their traditional dress includes vest, apron embroidered in geometric design, and covering a long plaid skirt.
Men wear very understated clothing usually white shirt, narrow sash at waist, and long pants.
Any hats worn are trimmed with ribbons and vests are worn. Small ribbons with national patterns with a badge create a lapel.

At present sashes, very often with woven-in words, are used to honour people on the occasion of their birthdays, or to welcome honorable guests. Sashes are also used on funeral wreaths, instead of ribbons. Twined and woven sashes are the most seen. Symbols of the celestial bodies are used such as crosses, stars often six-pointed star in a rhombus. Frequent use of motifs such as fir-tree, blossom, rake, bud and tree of life. For ancient Lithuanians the circle is a symbol of the sun, virtue and warmth. and protects against evil spirits.

In Lithuania every girl is suppose to know how to make sashes.Sashes are significant for new brides. For example sashes were put on the gate of their husband's homestead. They were also put under the brides and bridegrooms feet in church.   Sashes are often used as presents, and part of a swaddling for babies, particularly when baptised in church.

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