Il Presepe (the nativity scene)

This beautiful nativity scene is on display. It is the centerpiece of Italian Christmas decoration. Each church has a large presepe outdoors.

Il Ceppo or Tree of Light

Visitors can see this wooden framed pyramidal shaped beautifully crafted piece in this gallery. The bottom shelf represents God's gift to man and holds the family's treasured presepe. The middle shelf represents the Earth's gifts to man and holds nuts and fruits. The upper shelf represents man's gifts to man and holds man-made things like arts, crafts and small presents. The top of the pyramid is decorated with a star, angel  and pineapple. The outside of the shelves have candles to represent this Tree of Light.  There is a Yule Log on the floor under this Ceppo. In some parts of Itlay the word ceppo refers to Yule log.

Old Befana-The Beloved Christmas Witch of Italy

If you look closely in this gallery you will see Old Befana standing tall. She represents the Italian Folk Legend of a beloved old lady who brought gifts to good children in Italy. Often Italian children go to bed on January 6th expecting to wake up to gifts left by this special lady. The story book about La Befana is available to purchase in the gift shop of the museum.