"Buon Natale" (Merry Christmas)

from the Italian Gallery

Il Presepio (the Nativity Scene) is the centerpiece of Italian Christmas decorations. Each church has a large presepio outdoors.

Il Ceppo (often called the "Tree of Light") is a wooden frame with three to five shelves. The museum bottom shelf represents God's give to man and holds the presepio. The middle shelf represents Earth's gift to man and holds nuts and fruit. The upper shelf  represents man's gift to man and includes crafts and presents. The top is decorated with a star, angel and pineapple which represents hospitality. Candles are at the outside of the ceppo. AYule log is on the floor  as in some parts of Italy Yule log refers to ceppo.  See La Befana and her story in this gallery at the Ethnic Heritage Museum!

Children enjoy her magical powers of bringing toys for the feast of Epiphany, January 6. The angel display is very delightful to view also in this Italian gallery display.