Exhibit Highlights in the Italian Gallery

 "BUON NATALE"  (Good Birth)

Enjoy Italian Christmas Traditions in this gallery! 

The letter in the Italian Olivetti typewriter is a tradition that children write to their Father or sometimes Babbo Natale, the equivalent of Father Christmas. In this letter the child explains that he/she have been good and hopefully will receive gifts. If naughty they would receive a lump of coal!

Colaazione or breakfast in a typical Ferentino hone on Christmas morning is served with a delicious Pan Frutto Cake  and steaming hot Caffe made in an Italian coffee machine. 

The Nativity scene was brought to us by St. Francis of Assisi who realized that having a group of people and animals would represent the true meaning of Christmas! The Italian Christmas Tree Il Ceppo is a wooden triangle with four shelves and designed by St. Francis of Assisi. It displays a pineapple on the top shelf, which denotes friendship. Other shelves denote the gifts of man, or nature, and the Gift of God.

Other highlights for the holiday traditions are The Log uder the Il Ceppo wooden frame, La Bufana and much more!  Children enjoy visiting this gallery to see La Bufana, a kindly old woman with magical powers. She brings toys to the children of Italy for the Feast of Epiphany on January 6th. This is a legend that hold many stories to tell!

Enjoy the Christmas displays throughout this gallery and savor some Italian treats at this special Holiday time!