Immigration History of
Two Rockford Italian Families

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"Immigration Histories of Rockford Italian Families"

Albert Gaetano Thomas Fedeli (1899-1976)
Maria Santina Piazzalunga (1901-1994)

Albert arrived at Ellis Island from Italy October 19, 1921. He moved from New York to Rockford, Illinois. Son Gene Fedeli remembers the family living on Stanley St. in Rockford. This area was known as the Gas House Gang where most northern
Italians lived. Gene recalls Albert going back to Italy to marry Maria and shortly after sending for her to join him. There is more to learn about this family with a visit to the gallery.

Joseph Bianche - aka Joseph White (1885-1932)
Antonia Bonzi (1885-1916)

Charles Joseph White (Bianche) writes about his grandfather and grandmother. They immigrated from Milan, Italy to Ellis Island, N.Y. They lived in the St. James Catholic Church area on First St. Joseph worked as a janitor and gardener. He changed his name to White due to being in the gardening business. An accident is recalled in this family history and changes occur as a result.

Please find out more by reading this story in the Italian Gallery at the Ethnic Heritage Museum!