Feliz Navidad (Merry Christmas) from the Hispanic Gallery
The iconic Christmas decoration in a Hispanic home is the nativity scene (Nacimiento). It is tradional to not put baby Jesus in the manger until Christmas Eve night. The Hispanic Gallery displays their Nacimiento and a Christmas tree decorated with ornaments made of natural straw.
La Posada is an important Christmas custom observed for nine nights (Dec. 16-Dec. 24) in Mexico and some other Hispanic countries.It is a reenactment of the biblical account of Mary and Joseph looking for a place to spend the night. A song begins that alternates between the neighborhood people outside the house, who are asking for lodging, and those inside the home. When the song ends, everyone participates in a festive celebration with children also breaking a pinata. They partake in food, traditional fruit punch and joining in respect for this special occasion.


La Posada Sat. Dec. 6                                           La Posada
Memorial Hall
211 N. Main St.  

3:00-5:00 p.m.

Donations welcomed

For information call 
815 962-7402

Hand crafted pottery piece from Hidalgo, Mexico
Donated by Felicia Carrillo