Hispanic Gallery Art Pieces meet the eye in this colorful gallery! Two beautiful paintings exhibit the outstanding unique style of Mexican Artist Carlos Bueno. At age 14 he began studying at the Instituto Potos. He was born in San Luis, Potosi, Mexico.  He then migrated to the United States. As an Internationally Recognized Artist living in Chicago, he shared his beautiful artwork. Carlos gifted the museum with two of his paintings after visiting. This is one to see and especially to note the hands and feet!

Enjoy other paintings done on tree bark. The bark was dried and flattened with colorful berry pictures applied.

A must see also are the numerous hand made pottery pieces as shown on this page.

Another art piece is a skirt/apron worn by the Huicholes Tribe. The beads attached make noise while men and women march or dance.

Spanish Classes from area schools enjoy a visit with Spanish speaking docents to guide their tour.

Hand crafted pottery piece from Hidalgo, Mexico
Donated by Felicia Carrillo