"Polish Woman and Man of the Year"
SAVE THE DATE SUN. OCT. 21 2-4 p.m. Celebrate Elzbieta & Jozef Gal Polish Woman and Man of the Year!
Enjoy Polish Dancing Troup Krakowiaczek and Polish tasty eats, sandwiches, cake and drinks. A very special occasion for All to enjoy. A Must Stop Polish Gallery Tour as well!

Elzbieta and Jozef arrived from Poland in early 1990's. Joseph was a highlander and Elzbieta from Tarnow. They met in Chicago and volunteered at the Church of St. Wiadyslaw . They both were active in their churches, Jozef an altar-boy and lector, and Ela Belonged to the Marian Assistant and to the group Light of Life. 

Joseph graduated from vocational school as a Mechanic of Machinery and Industrial Equipment and began his study in the Technical School in Wadowice. In 1995 he finished his education at Carl Schur H.S. in Chicago. For over 20 years Jozef worked at MMP in Des Plaines. In 2017 he began his employment at Woodward Governor in Rockford.

Elzbieta graduated from vocational school as a hairdresser in Tarnow. Later finishing at cosmetic school and hairdressing technical school in Ostrowiec.  In 1996 she began schooling at NLU. In 2001 she completed the studies at BIR Training Center in Financial Services and Fundamentals of Computer Technology and Business comunications. She is currently employed at Brynwood Myofascial Therapy.

Elzbieta and Jozef married in 1998 and moved to Crystal Lake to attend St. Margaret Mary's Parish, Algonquin.

In 2002 son Damian was born , baptized and they later moved to Davis Junction. After they moved there they registered as members of St. Stanislaus Kostka Church in Rockford IL. and are still active members there.

Both are active at the church: Jozef volunteers as a lector and Special Minister of the Eucharist.  Elzbieta is involved in the church vocal group called Schola. She offers her time with church youth group and designed the web site and maintains it today. Elzbieta gives her time to the Nicholas Copernicus Polish Language School at the parish. For many years she has helped as a teacher and held position of vice principal for two years.

Son Damian attends H.S. in Davis, Ill. and also attended the Ethnic Polish Language School from kindergarden to H.S. and graduated in 2016 with honors. Damian volunteers at St. Stanislaus Church as an altar server and is a member of the church youth group.

The church of St. Stanislaus Kostka is their other family. They devote their time to the parish with great love and joy. "We are grateful to God for such a great grace that lets us be there and together with others, enjoying His love and following His voice." 

At the beginning of WWI it was not realistic to imagine an ending favorable for Poland. The building of Independent Poland was 30th of October 1918 when the Poles took control of power in Cracow. This was after the last Austrian commander of the city relinguished power.

It wasn't easy at the beginning. In different parts of Poland local power systems emerged to avoid confusion.
Finally a new central Polish government was established to keep public order. The first Parliamentary Election was in 1919 to give the government legitimacy.  After the war the three powers that particioned off Poland broke up and ceased to exist.

Poland became an Independent State with much help due to the efforts of United States President Woodrow Wilson. This fascinating history is revealed with memorabilia on display in the Polish Gallery new exhibit. Stop for a docent guided tour and learn this history. Celebrate 100 Years of Poland Independence!