Polish Saints


Poland in its very rich history gave the world many wonderful people. Over thirty of them have become Saints. Poland is very proud of its latest Saint - Saint John Paul II. This exhibit shares his early history and rise to Pope and Beautification.(Shining Light Saints Emblem)

All Saints Day celebrated Nov. 1 in the Catholic Church recognizes Saints dating back to the Festival of  All Saints May 13, 609 or 610. A very respected early Saint was St. Casimir, the Prince of Poland, when Poland was part of the Russian Empire. His tutor educated him in a faithful path including humility and rejecting ordinary comfort. His amazing story of banishment, exile and rejection even by his ruling family tells about his steadfast devotion to a higher being. He is still considered Patron Saint of Poland in Lithuania today.

Women were also recognized as Saints! St. Hedwig (1373-1399) Patron of Queens, united Europe was beautified by Pope John Paul II and canonized. She ascended the throne at only age thirteen and married Jagiello of Lithuania. She was not only the Queen of Poland but a model of faith.

Stop in this gallery on your museum visit to learn about Poland and its proud heritage. The art pieces will also amaze you.